[Ifeffit] ifeffit OS X 10.6

Ken McIvor mcivor at iit.edu
Tue Feb 23 18:26:44 CST 2010


Are you looking for in a 64-bit version, in particular?  I ask because  
iXAFS will soon run on Snow Leopard using 32-bit applications and  
libraries.  Jeff and I don't have a 64-bit version planned, although I  
expect we'll build one eventually.

If you're okay with 32-bit, iXAFS 2.1 Beta 1, which will be available  
on Monday, March 1.  It will be the first in a series of new releases,  
each focused on a specific improvement.  My immediate priority is  
fixing iXAFS on Snow Leopard, followed by upgrading iXAFS's bundled  
programs and libraries.


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