[Ifeffit] About export Chi(K) file

康明亮 kangml at 163.com
Wed Feb 3 11:06:15 CST 2010

Dear, I want to ask why the exported Chi(K) file from Artermis can not repeat the figure like in Graphic window #1 - [Athena]. I planed to output the fitted data from Artemis and plot in Origin 8.0 or Excel ect, but the figure based on the output data seems strange for Chi(K) file. For Chi(R), it was ok, the shape plotted in Origin 8.0 was the same like in Graphic window #1 - [Athena]. I do not know why?In addition, I want to ask a question about Artermis fitting. I used 5 paths for fitting, and it seemed a good fitting from the figure in Graphic window #1 - [Athena]. But the results showed that only path 1 had good values of N, R-factor, Chi-square, amp and sigma^2. If I choose only path 1 for fitting, the figure in Graphic window #1 - [Athena] showed only the highest peak fitted perfectly. Thus, I am not sure how many path that I should choose for fitting(I know only path 1 is available). The problem is, how can I export the fitted results, with or without ohter paths? Tha!
 nks!Best wishesMingliang
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