[Ifeffit] On Macro Lytle File Group

Alan Du duji0003 at ntu.edu.sg
Wed Dec 8 21:23:51 CST 2010


I major in environmental science and my research is studying the adsorption
of aqueous cadmium on TiO2 solid. I am new to EXAFS and currently trying to
fit my Cd K-edge spectra with some Cd experimental standards.

The Farrel Lytle Database have some Cd spectra which seems useful and I
would like to extract them from their "raw" state. The macro is given in the
FAQ/Data Handling section of IFEFFIT, but I am not sure of how to go about
using the macro or any other macro. Ctrl 5 in Athena is all I know. Can
anyone advise me on this?

#  macro lytle file group 4000

   read_data ($1, group=$2, label='steps i0 i1 i2')
   set (dspace  = 1.92017,     stpdeg  = $3)
   set (r2d     = 57.29577951, hc      = 12398.61)
   set $2.energy =  hc / (2 * dspace) / sin($2.steps / (r2d * stpdeg))
   set $2.xmut   = -log($2.i1/$2.i0)
   set $2.xmuf   = ($2.i2/$2.i0)
   pre_edge $2.energy, $2.xmut

end macro



Alan Jianhong DU

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