[Ifeffit] How to analyze this data

Elsa E. Sileo sileo at qi.fcen.uba.ar
Tue Aug 10 12:54:01 CDT 2010

I have some measurements at the As edge of As(V) 
adsorbed onto pure goethite (alfa-FeOOH), Mn 
partially substituted Goethite (alfa-Mn,Fe.OOH), 
Al substituted goethite (alfa-Al,FeOOH) and Mn 
and Al goethite (alfa-Al,Mn,FeOOH)
The EXAFS signals change from one spectrum to another.

I have refined the distances As-Fe on pure 
goethite, but when I try to refine Mn-FeOOH or 
Al,FeOOH, the analysis gets more difficult 
because As forms different complexes with Al and Fe.
Unfortunately for me is almost impossible to have 
the pure phases alfa-MnOOH or alfa-AlOOH, and measured the As adsorbed.

How can I analyze the spectra and have some 
knowledge about the As-surface complexes formed?



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