[Ifeffit] Emission spectra of Cobalt

Timna-Josua Kuehn timjoku at uni-bonn.de
Mon Apr 12 05:47:11 CDT 2010

Dear all,

I am trying to simulate Cobalt Kbeta emission spectra. Actually I just 
exchanged the XANES card with XES, as is explained and set emin = 7700 eV and 
emax = 7800 eV with estep = 100 to calculate the whole Co Kbeta line at 
7649.43 eV.
But I do not find a file that contains the emission data. I thankful for each 
helpful advice.

Best regards


Timna-Josua Kuehn (PhD student)
Synchrotron Radiation Group
Institute of Physics
University of Bonn

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