[Ifeffit] Cementite EXAFS

Andrew acampo2 at tigers.lsu.edu
Thu Sep 24 18:15:33 CDT 2009


I would trust the XAFS.org spectrum more than mine, I'm sure that the APS
has a better resolution etc. I'm aware that there are other forms of reduced
iron carbide, but I did nothing special except for following the Li et al.
paper. I then tried to see if the spectrum was similar to both the one on
Dr. Newville's database as well as the Iglesia and coworkers' papers, and
they were. I know this data is a bit glitchy... and I was pretty much only
interested in the XANES. 

If the person that Dr. Newville is referring to made the Fe3C from the iron
melt it would have been a white powder, so they likely did a similar
procedure as reducing the Fe2O3 std. to a sufficient temperature (at 1 atm).
I have also heard from a former Exxon researcher that when they wanted to
make cementite they simply CO reduced Fe2O3 to a sufficient temperature as
well. I'm forwarding this directly to your e-mail as well. Hope this helps,
if not (try and comparing it with the one on the XAFS.org, I remember when I
checked it was similar).

Andrew Campos

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