[Ifeffit] Cementite EXAFS

Andrew acampo2 at tigers.lsu.edu
Thu Sep 24 12:42:43 CDT 2009


There's a paper which says how to make it if you want to run it on your own:

"Fe3C, which can form during FTS reactions, was prepared by
temperature-programmed reaction (0.167 K/s) of
Fe2O3 up to 973 K using CO (Matheson, 99.99%, 107 mol of CO/mol of Fe h) as
the reduction and carburization agent.
The resulting Fe3C powder was passivated in flowing 1% O2/ He (Matheson,
99.999%, 0.05 mol/h) at room temperature (RT) for 1 h before removing the
sample from the synthesis cell." [1]	S. Li, G.D. Meitzner and E. Iglesia,
J. Phys. Chem. B, 105 (2001) 5743.

I made some myself using this method. I would send my spectrum, but if I can
recall we had glitches in the EXAFS region. 

Andrew Campos

** If you want other iron carbides, this will be quite tricky since this is
the only one that can be synthesized to a pure extent... obviously one could
make cementite to using an iron melt but that requires really high
temperature furnaces etc. 

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