[Ifeffit] Normalization in Athena

Gudrun Bovenkamp bovenkamp at physik.uni-bonn.de
Mon Oct 26 08:41:58 CDT 2009

Hey everybody,

while I try to figure what effect normalization has on Linear 
combination fitting in my lead L3 edge XANES system, I came accross 
this problem:
Athena does not normalize correctly:

Normalization in Athena (post-edge): using 1.order normalization, no 
flattening (which in this case is irrelevant anyway), points +199 eV 
and +200 eV above E0.

Normalization in Origin (post-edge): using point 13235 eV (+200 eV 
above E0); dividing the spectrum column by that value.

See the two examples in the attachment.

In both examples the normalized spectrum imported from Athena does not 
have the norm value of 1 at 13235 eV. Why is that? The offset is also 
not the same for every spectrum. That undoes the normalization 

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