[Ifeffit] Installation ifeffit-1.2.4.dmg OS X 10.2.8

Juergen Roehler Juergen.Roehler at uni-koeln.de
Tue Oct 20 18:25:42 CDT 2009


	I appreciate your offer to help me. Ifeffit is running nice 
in X11 with its pgplot graphics. but not athena & friends. I scanned 
the SoureForge archive for an older binary, but ifeffit-1.2.4.dmg 
(athena & friends) is the only one compiled for OSX 10.2.
	Installing this build again I fixed the problem of the 
missing link to /Applications/ifeffit/perl5/Tk.pm by copying 
iff_init.csh into .cshrc. Thus the environment is properly set. 
Athena & friends indeed start to compile but fail because of missing 
perl modules in /ifeffit/lib/perl5. For whatever reasons in this 
build the Xray modules are not located in folder /Xray. Creating 
folder manually /Perl5/XRay/ and storing the adjacent modules in it 
helped, but further compilation stopped because of missing modules. I 
downloaded these from CPAN, but some of them are not accepted because 
of a wrong version number. It seems proper completion of the perl/Tk 
modules required for this build could solve the problem. I prefer to 
find them in an archive instead of compiling them by myself. Any idea?


>Have you tried some of the older releases in the ifeffit project on 
>SourceForge (http://sf.net).  Iffefit relies on Perl as well as 
>PerlTK for the X11 based interface.  I helped make some of the 
>earlier versions of the installer (the newest version iXAFS has a 
>launcher included in it -- although it is still being updated for 
>Snow Leopard) so I remember some of the details.  PerlTK needs to be 
>compiled for a particular version of perl (which is different on 
>each MacOS release).  There were also some binary compatibilities 
>introduced in the perl environment at some point I recall (older 
>binaries were not usable).  It is thus important to build ifeffit 
>for each release.  You can download the sourcecode for ifeffit on 
>sf.net as well and   build it yourself if you can't find an 
>appropriate binary installer there (the appropriate PerlTK would 
>have to be downloaded from perl.org). The build is fairly 
>straightforward (you need f77 which is still out there on the net). 
>The older OS appropriate binary installer would be the easiest 
>solution.  I would offer to help more, but I don't have a machine 
>that can run the older OS.
>		Paul
>On Oct 15, 2009, at 11:46 PM, Juergen Roehler wrote:
>>I am trying to run Ifeffit on MacOSX 10.2.8 from ifeffit-1.2.4.dmg 
>>on a Wallstreet Powerbook  (a good old companion ,,,, )
>>>Ifeffit successfully installed in Applications folder
>>[noname:/Applications/Ifeffit] jroehler% ls
>>artemis         icons           lib             perl5           
>>athena          include         man             pgplot
>>>XDarwin started (XFree86 4.2 installed from Fink, runs fine for 
>>>other X applications)
>>>Click the perl scripts athena or friends, or run them explicitly 
>>>with perl 5.6 - athena & friends won´t start. Asked to choose a 
>>>program. Which one?
>>>Try to start from terminal: [noname:/Applications/Ifeffit] 
>>>jroehler% ./athena
>>Can't locate Tk.pm in @INC (@INC contains: 
>>/sw/lib/perl5/5.6.0/darwin /sw/lib/perl5/5.6.0 /sw/lib/perl5/darwin 
>>/sw/lib/perl5 /sw/lib/perl5/darwin /System/Library/Perl/darwin 
>>/System/Library/Perl /Library/Perl/darwin /Library/Perl 
>>/Library/Perl /Network/Library/Perl/darwin /Network/Library/Perl 
>>/Network/Library/Perl .) at ./athena line 53.
>>BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./athena line 53.
>>Well, the *.pm´s and everything else is in 
>>/Applications/Ifeffit/lib/perl5 or /Applications/Ifeffit/, being 
>>not in the search tree.
>>Don´t want to modify the system architecture copying /lib/perl5 and 
>>the other stuff to somewhere else.
>>How to modify the scripts athena & friends. Other solutions? Would 
>>like to start jsut from the icons.
>>Thanks in advance.
>>Juergen Roehler
>>Universitaet zu Koeln
>>Fachgruppe Physik
>>Zuelpicher Str. 77
>>50937 Koeln
>>mailto:Juergen.Roehler at uni-koeln.de
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