[Ifeffit] Fwd: Mg k-edge and Athena Questions

Jason Gaudet jgaudet at vt.edu
Thu Oct 8 09:48:16 CDT 2009

The Photon Factory at KEK, Tsukuba, Japan has two beamlines (BL7A, BL2C) 
that cover 250-1500 eV at around 10^9 photons/s.

Bruce Ravel wrote:
> There are some other options if you are willing to look farther afield
> than NSLS.  The XAS beamline at CAMD is one option.  I believe that
> there are beamlines at the ALS that can do XAS in that energy range.
> Examples from even farther afield would inlcude the Lucia beamline at
> Soleil and beamline 8 at the Thai synchrotron.
> Perhaps some of the folks on this mailing list can suggest some other
> options for that energy range.

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