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Subject: Mg k-edge and Athena Questions
Date: Wednesday 07 October 2009
From: fang.fang at yale.edu
To: bravel at bnl.gov

Dear Bruce,

This is Fang from Yale University, Pfefferle and Haller's group. Besides our
research on Co/Pt on your X23A2 and X18B, I am mainly involved in the Mg and B
edge measurement. I heard from Paul that you also have anongoing project on Mg
k-edge, and the updated Athena could import the raw data from X15B. However,
after I installed the most recent version of Ifeffit and installed, they still
don't recognize the data file. Could you show me how to import the data? Your
help will be greatly appreciated.

There is another question come with the seasonal shut down of X15B. Do you 
any other active beamlines who are willing to put in the effort to scan Mg
k-edge? Since NSLS asked us to put in a substitute beamline after we put in
this year's proposal, we thought you might have a much better idea of which
beamline to turn for this hard range around 1300eV.

Many thanks again,



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