[Ifeffit] Fwd: Athena troubleshooting

Jason Gaudet jgaudet at vt.edu
Wed Oct 7 16:50:17 CDT 2009

Bruce Ravel wrote:
> See my comment below on the value of attaching a small project file
>> Also, this is more of a software question.  I'm not sure why, but about
>> half of the samples flip their orientation 180 degrees (from positive y to
>> negative y) when "normalizing" them.  But when I'm trying to display
>> several samples at once about half are showing positive peaks and half are
>> negative peaks.  For instance, samples 10, 3 and 1 don't flip when
>> normalized, however all of the other samples do. 
> I don't really know what you are talking about, but I suspect that you
> have poorly chosen values for the pre-edge or nromalization
> parameters:

I think I might go back a few steps first and make sure the data files 
and experimental setup are/were such that I0/If/It are properly labeled 
and selected so that the pre-edge/norm parameters *can* be properly chosen.

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