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Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Nov 13 10:06:45 CST 2009


It's not exactly how I would have liked the answers, but the
screenshots of the steps you performed does actually (at least
implicitly) answer to some of the questions:

1) how are you starting Athena and Sixpack?   You never actually said this,
   before, bbut you are using runner.exe.  Good. Now we know that the
   enviromental variables are set correctly.

2) what happens when you click on grwnd.exe?  You did not answer,
   but grwnd.exe does run.

3) Sixpack does launch, and the file browser works up to being able to
   import files.

4) Athena seems to crash because a Grwnd Plot panel cannot be initialized,
   even though the Grwnd frame is running.

I have seen problems similar to each of these, on different computers.
 I think they are not related to one another.

For your Sixpack problem, like Richard, I also get the same message,
but the "Generic File Read" comes up anyway.

   Question: Do you see the "Generic File Read" come up?

Furthermore, if I rename the file from Se(0)-reference\X150013.1d.txt
to Se\X1500013.1d.txt The file is read fine.  I suspect the '-' sign
and parentheses in the folder name are the problem.  Given your
screenshots, I might also suspect there could be non-ASCII characters
in some of the folder names.  Ifeffit cannot deal with non-ASCII
characters in file names or file content. Non-ASCII characters in the
data files would be a more serious problem, but these data (converted
from EPICS MDA files) are fine for that.  But the path name could
cause problems too.   You may try moving to something as simple as

   Question: Does the file read ok if you change the path name?

For Athena, you see it crash, but it does launch grwnd.exe. It does
not put a plot panel into grwnd.exe, so Athena cannot plot and

First, try this: From the running grwnd.exe select "File->Open",
browse to C:\Program Files\IFeffit\share\athena_testpattern.gwd, and
open this file.

   Question:  Does a plot appear?

If so, leave that grwnd.exe running, and relauch Athena.

   Question:  Does Athena now run?

Please try all of these steps and tell us IN WORDS what happens.


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