[Ifeffit] SO2 parameter for Cu2O

abhijeet gaur abhijeetgaur9 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 23:36:42 CST 2009

Hi all,
           I am fitting Cu2O EXAFS data taken at SSRL using the
Artemis. But there is a problem with fitting results that SO2 parameter is
coming very low around 0.50. I had also taken Cu2O data from different data
bases to check whether theere some problem with my data, but after fitting
them, the same problem of low SO2 is coming. In some research papers given
SO2 parameter for Cu2O equal to 0.82. But I am unable to get that why all
the Cu2O data giving low value of SO2. Is there any other fitting procedure
to fit the compounds like Cu2O ??????
With thanks
Abhijeet Gaur
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