[Ifeffit] Reply

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed Nov 11 19:22:34 CST 2009

> I am not mean you need to help me to process them, I just don't know why
> these data can't open in Sixpack or other programm. Is there any problem
> with the raw data? Wish to obtain guidance from you.

I have not looked at the data you sent.  Did you expect I would?  You
have not answered to my original questions.    At this point, I want
you to tell me why do you keep posting questions to this list when you
have not answered the questions in my original reply?

Explain this, then answer the original questions, and then we may be
able to start helping you.  We will not analyze your data,  and we
cannot help you unless you help us understand what does and does not


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