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Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Fri Nov 6 11:07:58 CST 2009

Hi Clement,

I don't have any experience with the windows emulator on Mac OS X, and
have only heard reports that it does work.  When running atoms.exe on
the Windows emulator on Mac OS X, you see:

  Running "C:\Program Files\Ifeffit\bin\atoms.exe" MetaCinn.inp

  '\\.host\Shared Folders\Desktop'
  CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory.
  UNC paths are not supported.  Defaulting to Windows directory.
  MetaCinn.inp: not a valid input file for Atoms.

My guesses are:
  a) you want to run atoms in a directory without a space in the name
  b) you want to be sure that the file is has Windows line endings,
     not Mac OS line endings.

Those are guesses, so I'm also CC'ing this to the Ifeffit mailing
list, as someone there may have experience with this issue.


2009/11/5 Clément Levard <clevard at stanford.edu>
> Hi Matt,
> I am a new postdoc in Gordon Brown's group in Stanford and would like to use you package for XAS analysis.
> I am working on Mac, have installed a Windows Emulator. Most of the programs works fine (Sixpack, Athena, Artemis) But I have troubles running Atoms and Feff6l.
> Please find in attachment the message I get when I try to run atoms for example. note that the exact same input file works fine on a Windows computer. I have the same kind of error message while running feff6l.
> Do you have an idea of what could be the problem ?
> thanks a lot for your help!
> --
> Clément Levard
> Postdoctoral Scholar
> Cell # : 650-521-7096
> Mailing address:
> Geological & Environmental Sciences
> Green Earth Sciences
> 367 Panama Street, room 305
> Stanford University
> Stanford, CA 94305-2115

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