[Ifeffit] Fwd: Follow-up on your Athena issue

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed Jun 24 12:00:01 CDT 2009


First off: USE THE MAILING LIST!  That's what it's there for.  Why ask
two people for help when you can ask hundreds?

As you say, you are not the first to see this behavior, but I am not
among those who have witnessed this.  It is, of course, hard for me to
troubleshoot a problem that I have never seen and don't know how to

The only helpful thing that comes to mind is to ask if there are any
non-lower-ascii characters in the path either to the folder where
Ifeffit is installed or to the folder where your data lives.  At some
point in the last couple years, I thought I had fixed the issues with
nono-lower-ascii characters -- but who knows?  Perhaps you keep your
data in folder called "données" or "データ".  If so, try installing
Ifeffit in a place with only lower-ascii characters and do the same
with your data.  No guarantees, but it is something to try.


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Subject: Follow-up on your Athena issue
Date: Wednesday 24 June 2009
From: Gautier Landrot <landrot at udel.edu>
To: n.thammajak at gmail.com

Dear Dr. Thammajak:

I noticed on the Ifeffit email list that you posted last year a message about 
problem you had on Athena. I currently do have the same problem with my 
athena, the symptoms I have are the same than those described in your post:

1) Any single XAFS spectrum, which could be opened with Athena before the 
problem occurred, cannot be opened anymore. Only a message saying "you 
have not used any memory yet" appears at the bottom of the Athena Window. 
Oddly, old saved project files can still be opened. Then, when the data is 
opened from these old projects, new project cannot be saved (nothing happens 
when I try to save a project).  Data files are not corrupted or have strange 
format, since the files could be opened before the problem occurred. Also I 
open the data with Athena installed on other PCs without any problem. 

2) The main Athena window won't close. The only way to close that window is to 
force quit the program. 

3) I checked the command rpompt window, and ran Athena, as Bruce Ravel 
suggested in his reply. A message says "Ifeffit checked for updates recently. 
Your version of Ifeffit is up to date". That's it. No error message 

4) I reinstalled both Athena and Windows XP, but the problem still occurs.

I don't think anybody from the Ifeffit email list found the source of your 
issue. Is 
your Athena working now? If yes, have you figured what was the problem? 

Thanks a lot,


Gautier Landrot
graduate student
University of Delaware
Plant and Soil Sc. Dept.
Environmental Soil Chemistry Group
152 Townsend Hall 
Newark, DE 19711




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