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Hiroshi Oji oji-h at spring8.or.jp
Tue Jul 21 03:25:27 CDT 2009

Hi, Matsuura-san

I also got the same plot as Adam mentioned.

I agree with the Adam's comment. In addition, you had better check that 
dk parameter for Athena is the same as that for Artemis.

If it isn't work, why not try the latest version of Athena (0.8.059) & 
Artemis (0.8.013)? According to the header section of your attached file 
(input_data.chi), you seem to be using the older version of Athena 

best regards,

Hiroshi Oji

Adam Webb wrote:
> Hi,
> I suspect that the k-weighting for the plots are actually different. I
> played around with your data and I get the same plot for Artemis and
> Athena. However, Artemis might be a little confusing in that it has two
> controls for k-weight. On the left side you have the fitting controls
> including fitting range and k-weight. On the right you have plotting
> controls including range and k-weight. These controls are independent
> which means that the plot can be different than the fit. Try plotting in
> k space first and check that the y-axis scale is the same for both.
> Unfortunately, I was not able to duplicate file output problem . I
> selected the data and used the file menu to output to a file and it worked.
> Cheers,
> Adam
> Makoto Matsuura wrote:
>> Hi!
>>  I'm annoyed with the mismach of Fourier transform between Athena and
>> Arthemis. The k-weighting (k^1), k-window( Kaiser Bessel) and k-range
>> are kept same for both. The input chi-data and resultant Fourier
>> transforms are  attached.
>>  One more question  of Arthemis is that when I try to output data of
>> chi(k) or chi(r) from menu of File, null data file comes out while right
>> data can be obtained for the fitted data. How can I get data of chi(k)
>> or chi(r) in ascii format for Arthemis? Thank you.
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