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Adam Webb adam.webb at desy.de
Tue Jul 21 02:12:15 CDT 2009


I suspect that the k-weighting for the plots are actually different. I
played around with your data and I get the same plot for Artemis and
Athena. However, Artemis might be a little confusing in that it has two
controls for k-weight. On the left side you have the fitting controls
including fitting range and k-weight. On the right you have plotting
controls including range and k-weight. These controls are independent
which means that the plot can be different than the fit. Try plotting in
k space first and check that the y-axis scale is the same for both.

Unfortunately, I was not able to duplicate file output problem . I
selected the data and used the file menu to output to a file and it worked.


Makoto Matsuura wrote:
> Hi!
>  I'm annoyed with the mismach of Fourier transform between Athena and
> Arthemis. The k-weighting (k^1), k-window( Kaiser Bessel) and k-range
> are kept same for both. The input chi-data and resultant Fourier
> transforms are  attached.
>  One more question  of Arthemis is that when I try to output data of
> chi(k) or chi(r) from menu of File, null data file comes out while right
> data can be obtained for the fitted data. How can I get data of chi(k)
> or chi(r) in ascii format for Arthemis? Thank you.
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