[Ifeffit] What you see is "not" what you get: help

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I would find it helpful to have a simplified Athena project file so that we can understand your problem. Can you send one?


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Hi folks,

I´ve been working on Xanes peaks fitting with Athena (last version) and I
found a strange behaviour. I get a "good" fit looking to the Graphics
Window of Athena and to the minimized parameters (R-factor, etc). However,
when I use the data of the fit generated by Athena "write a log file"
feature and plot them in Origin, the fit looks bad! In order to get a
"good looking" fit in Origin I have to change the parameters ad-hoc in
Athena fitting dialog box. When I do this, the fit looks bad in Athena
Graphics window and better in Origin.
The values that are inserted ad-hoc in Athena are not the optimized ones
from the fitting procedure output. I have attached the log file from
Athena fit and two figures: a PS figure from Athena and a JPG figure from
It resembles that the generated data from Athena are not exactly these
ones that I see in the Graphics window!

I´m looking for help from someone out there.

Kind regards, Ismael.

Ismael Leandro Graff

Departamento de Física - UFPR
Centro Politécnico, CP 19044
81531-990, Curitiba, Brazil.
Tel: +55 41 3361 3427
Fax: +55 41 3361 3418

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