[Ifeffit] xanes_normalization range

Arezki, Bahia Bahia.Arezki at uni-siegen.de
Mon Jul 6 14:36:42 CDT 2009

Dear IFEFFIT users,

I  have some problems/doubts with quite basic questions concerning xanes processing. In particular the normalization range. Can anyone  please  look at my project  and tell me if my data processing is correct ?
 The xanes are at the Fe K-edge, of a F(II)-complex,  taken at different temperatures.

In fact my question  concerns  the choice of the starting value for the normalization range.  I obtain  reasonable lines with a starting point  from  more that 100 eV after E0. Is it correct to start so far from the edge??    should one start just after the broad feature (onset of exafs ?  ) ?
if I start the post-edge normalization before ..I obtain different results when I compare the different xanes..

thanks for your help,
best regards,

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