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Bruce and Matt:

When Athena and Artemis are completely moved to BlackBerry and iPhone, there will be a number of really nice options out there. For example, ringtones for a really bad fit should be made very unpleasant, and even more so, when Delta E0 is out of bounds, or r-factor is greater than 0.02..


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There is now a version of the Athena User's Guide which is intended
for small-screen device (like my the new toy I got this weekend).
Here is the URL:


This is very similar to the normal html version of the User's Guide,
except for a few changes in layout to make it work better on a small

The mobile version is not perfect yet, but it is much more legible
than the normal version.  I have tested it mostly in Explorer on
Windows Mobile 6.  (I have also tested it under Opera for mobile
devices, but I am not happy with how either version gets displayed

Hopefully this will be helpful for someone.



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