[Ifeffit] distinguishing between actual shells and artifacts

Voegelin Andreas andreas.voegelin at env.ethz.ch
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Hi Hashem

You can copy-paste the respective EXAFS data in Athena and compare the backtransforms over the first shell, the first+second shell, the second shell.

By comparison of the backtransforms with each other and with the measured EXAFS, you can see where the second-shell contribution has its origin in k-space (note that the backtransform is not corrected for the window function).

For instance, if the second-shell signal adds to the spectrum in the low-k range (where noise should not be a problem), it is likely real and might result, e.g., from multiple scattering among first-shell O atoms. If the second-shell signal in the backtransform mainly contributes in the high-k range (where noise or glitches may be a problem), you may be able to see whether it falls together with obvious artefacts (such as glitches), or whether the backtransform matches spectral features that you consider to be real.


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> Dear all,
> I am currently fitting first and second shells with Zn-O and 
> Zn-Zn paths,respectively. I get second shell features that 
> could be fit quite well, but I am not certain if they are 
> actually second shell features or possibly artifacts. For 
> some samples I get second shell features that I know should 
> not be present. What criteria would you use to distinguish 
> between artifacts and actual shells?
> Your assistance is appreciated.
> Hashem Stietiya
> Louisiana State University

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