[Ifeffit] Problem running Feff through Artemis on Mac OS

Aaron Slowey aslowey at usgs.gov
Fri Jan 2 16:56:44 CST 2009


I have Artemis running on intel Mac OS 10.4 and am unable to get FEFF  
to run by using Artemis. I have changed the preferences in the  
'atoms' submenu to have feff_version as 7 and template as feff7 and  
then I have, under the 'feff' submenu, the path to my feff  
executable, specifically "/Users/aslowey/feff/feff7.exe"  I tried  
removing the .exe -- no go. Then I reverted back to Artemis' default  
settings (feff version 6) and it still didn't work. I relocated both  
the feff.inp and feff executable in the same folder, but this also  
failed. In all cases, the Artemis palettes window opens to the  
Messages tab with red text that Artemis configured  
incorrectly...incorrect value of feff->feff_executable.

Is there something about Mac OS that FEFF can't work?

Aaron Slowey
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