[Ifeffit] plot multiplier in Athena

Gleb Pokrovski pokrovsk at lmtg.obs-mip.fr
Sun Jan 4 04:00:56 CST 2009

Dear Bruce,

Since the 2 or 3 latest athena versions, I have noticed a somewhat 
strange behavior of the
'plot multiplier' command in athena.  I'm using the latest horae and 
iffefit releases on linux (Madriva 2007) and  windows (XP, SP3).

The plot multiplier works for  chi and fourier-transformed spectra, but 
fails for xanes and xmu spectra:
changing the plot multiplier to a value different from 1 makes  no 
effect of the last two types of spectra.
In contrast,  'y-axis offset' command works for all types of  spectra.

Personally, I found the possibility to multiply xanes spectra extremely 
convenient (as far as I remember, it worked in older than 2006  versions 
of athena....),
for example for quick comparison and superposition  short-energy range 
XANES spectra
for which the athena energy normalisation procedures do not work  
perfectly in some cases.

Best regards
Happy New Year

Gleb Pokrovski

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