[Ifeffit] too large screen size of the open-file dialog in Athena

Zajac, Dariusz dariusz.zajac at desy.de
Tue Feb 3 08:30:31 CST 2009

Hi all,
this problem appears also at 14 inch screens (HP notebook) and I haven't
found the solultion too :(

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>One of my student faced with a 'strange ' problem with the 
>last version 
>of  Athena (ifeffit 1.2.11.exe )
>He is using a laptop Acer  ASPIRE ONE (screen size 9.2 inch) running 
>under windows XP.
>The size of the window in the open-file dialog of athena is 
>too big, so 
>that the lower part of the dialog containing
>the magic button 'OK' is hidden (please see attached pdf 
>file). We found 
>no way to assess to this part,
>and consequently we are not able to open a data file.
>Changing screen resolution on Windows does not help.
>Has someone else already experienced this kind of problem?
>Thanks in advance
>Gleb Pokrovski

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