[Ifeffit] installing IFeffit, etc on user accounts

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Dec 22 08:42:24 CST 2009

On Monday 21 December 2009, 05:39:32 pm, Elizabeth J. Biddinger wrote:

> I recently installed the IFeffit package on a multi-user computer that
> uses Windows XP Pro.  Athena and all of the other programs open and work
> fine on the administrator account but do not work on the user accounts.
> If I change one of the users to administrator it also works, but as soon
> as I change them back to user it again does not work.  The Athena version
> we are using is 0.8.56 if that helps. Network security reasons require
> that our general users are on "user" not "administrator" logins.  Any
> suggestions on how to get the programs to work in "user" mode?


The likeliest problem is that Athena et al are trying to write a file to a 
directory that they don't have permission to write to.  I had thought that I 
had solved that problem, but perhaps not.  I probably don't do as much testing 
on windows as I ought to.

I am going to need to some more information if I am going to have a prayer of 
solving this remotely.  Could you, as a normal user, open a command window, 
use the cd command to move to the Desktop folder, then start Athena by typing 
the name of the Athena desktop shortcut (I cannot quite remember what it is 
called -- I am at home and without access to a windows machine).  Hopefully, 
some complaint will get written to the command window that will give me some 
insight on the problem.  If you could post a message to the mailing list 
containing whatever it says, that will (hopefully!) help.


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