[Ifeffit] Vanadium pre edge peak contributes to K-space?

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Tue Aug 25 17:06:44 CDT 2009

Hi Chris:

I have taken a look at your project file and, indeed, the edge setting is 
more or less correct.   In this case, the intensity below 1A is certainly 
background and you can see this by plotting the data in R-space with 
k-weight of 2 or 3 and then slowly increase the Rbkg (I find that 0.02 is 
a good increment).  You will see that there is not much change until you 
reach Rbkg=1.08 and then the intensity below 1A basically all disappears 
without affecting the peak sizes or positions of everything above 1A. 
This indicates to me that it is really a background problem.  If you now 
plot the XMU and the background you will see that the red background line 
is going through the data much more reasonably.

There are certainly other methods to remove this background peak. 
Everyone has their own methods but I am pretty confident that the result 
will be the same.  an Rbkg of 1.08 is not bad at all.



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