[Ifeffit] Vanadium pre edge peak contributes to K-space?

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Tue Aug 25 10:10:50 CDT 2009

Hi Chris:

If you could attach an Athena project file, it would help us to answer 
your question.


On Tue, 25 Aug 2009, Chris Patridge wrote:

> Hello all,
> After calibration, alignment and merging V K edge data, there seems to
> be a large peak in R space below 1 A.  From most examples and readings,
> this would seem to be noise since atoms do not reside that close to each
> other.  Adding a background addresses this noise but then the number of
> variables becomes too large and meaningless to the first shell R space
> range.  I believe the problem lies with the large pre edge feature seen
> with high valence state Vanadium compounds.  Any suggestions on how to
> work through this and make realistic EXAFS analysis on these compounds.
> Thanks everyone,

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