[Ifeffit] Vanadium pre edge peak contributes to K-space?

Chris Patridge patridge at buffalo.edu
Tue Aug 25 10:02:26 CDT 2009

Hello all,

After calibration, alignment and merging V K edge data, there seems to 
be a large peak in R space below 1 A.  From most examples and readings, 
this would seem to be noise since atoms do not reside that close to each 
other.  Adding a background addresses this noise but then the number of 
variables becomes too large and meaningless to the first shell R space 
range.  I believe the problem lies with the large pre edge feature seen 
with high valence state Vanadium compounds.  Any suggestions on how to 
work through this and make realistic EXAFS analysis on these compounds. 

Thanks everyone,

Christopher J. Patridge
Graduate Student
SUNY Buffalo - Dept of Chemistry
716-645-6800 x 2110

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