[Ifeffit] Using Ifeffit in Perl

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Aug 25 09:51:01 CDT 2009


I didn't hear back about which windows version of perl you are using,
so I'll try to address both.

Firstly, at the moment, you must use Perl 5.8.  That is a bit of an
annoyance if you are actually using any of the new features in 5.10,
but it is a necessary one for the time being.  The reason is that the
Ifeffit wrapper that is already compiled up is built against 5.8.

If you are using Strawberry, much of what I am about to say is
relevant, but I have to confess that I have not yet been able to get
the Ifeffit wrapper wworking with Strawberry.  I suspect that has to
do with not enough time spent rather than any fundamental issue.  If
you are using Strawberry, then I would like to continue this
conversation with you off the list.

If you are using ActiveState, the you should be able to follow the
instructions on this wiki page:


Specifically, you should configure PPM to use the repository of ppm
packages that I maintain.  You can then simply install the Ifeffit
package using PPM and "use Ifeffit;" will simply work.

If you are planning on doing some data analysis with Ifeffit and Perl,
you should take a look at my Demeter project:


Demeter uses Ifeffit.pm to talk to Ifeffit and is well on its way to
being a full featured interface to Feff and Ifeffit.  Demeter is
moderately well documented and has already been used by people who are
not me to do real XAS analysis work.  It is pretty likely that
anything you want to do has already been implented in a robust and
scalable way in Demeter.

Although Ifeffit and Demeter (and athena and artemis, too!) work just
fine with ActiveState, I am eager to begin using Strawberry, which has
several intriguing advantages over ActiveState.  If you are interested
in getting involved with any part of this effort let us know.  If you
are interested in starting to use Demeter, please don't hesitate to
ask me questions as you get started.


On Monday 24 August 2009 10:13:54 am bravel at bnl.gov wrote:
> Jan,
> Are you using Strawberry or ActiveState?
> B
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> Hi,
> I have a little problem, probably/hopefully not so complicated:
> I want to include the Ifeffit functions in my Perl scripts which I
> want to use in Windows XP via the cmd.exe. So I installed Ifeffit with
> the Windows Installer, found some ifeffit.pm module and included it
> somewhere in the @inc folders. Now, if I call "use Ifeffit" in my
> scripts it doesn´t work with the message:
> "Can´t locate loadable object for module Ifeffit in @INC...
> Compilation failed".
> Any idea of what is going wrong here? Some precompilation necessary?
> Thanks,
> Jan


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