[Ifeffit] Pellet sample preparation

Dominik Samuelis d.samuelis at fkf.mpg.de
Wed Aug 19 13:27:43 CDT 2009

Dear list,

for many years, I have used  "Merck Uvasol Polyethylene for  
spectroscopy" PE powder as a diluent and binder for pressing  
self-supporting pellets especially of air-sensitive substances. When I  
today wanted to order a new bottle, I had to learn that it's not  
available anymore (actually, since 2002... :-)).

Does anyone of you know about any other supplier of spectroscopy-grade  
polyethylene powder? And more general, which binder/diluent do you use  
for preparing pellets of sensitive substances ?

Best regards,

Dr. Dominik Samuelis
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