[Ifeffit] Installation of FEFF8 on IFEFFIT

Zajac, Dariusz A. dariusz.zajac at desy.de
Tue Aug 11 02:09:37 CDT 2009

indeed it works. but I have read in Ifeffit mailing list that it is
sugested to copy new feff file not only to       *\Ifeffit\bin directory
but also to *\Ifeffit\bin\sixpack\fefftemp
than in Artemis I have changed parameters:
  preferences/feff/feff_executable --> new feff file
  preferences/atoms/feff_version --> no. 8
  preferences/atoms/template --> feff8_exafs
I work with Ifeffit under Windows XP SP3


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>> I have a question of the FEFF8 installation in IFEFFIT on a 
>window XP. 
>> I know that the IFEFFIT includes FEFF6, and I have the licence of 
>> FEFF8. I have used IFEFFIT with FEFF6 on the window and FEFF8 in a 
>> LINUX system. Now I want to use the FEFF6 on the windos XP. After I 
>> unzipped the ifeffit package, I find binary files, including 
>> feff6l.exe, in the bin directory. May I copy the FEFF8.exp file into 
>> the directory and rename FEFF8.exe to feff6l.exe? Or is there any 
>> other way to select different versions of FEFF from Atermis?
>I am CCing my answer to the Ifeffit mailing list, as this is 
>an appropriate question for the list.
>Artemis is quite happy using Feff8 for EXAFS analysis, 
>although the advantage of Feff8 for EXAFS analysis over Feff6 
>is rather marginal. You will need to configure Artemis to use 
>Feff8 correctly.  In the Edit menu, select Edit preferences.  
>Change the Atoms->feff_version parameter to 8.  Then change 
>the Feff->feff_executable parameter to the fully qualified 
>location of the Feff8 executable.  That is, you must type in 
>something like "C:\Software\Feff8\feff8.exe".
>To the best of my knowledge, that will work correctly.
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