[Ifeffit] Noise level in XANES spectrum

Zajac, Dariusz dariusz.zajac at desy.de
Tue Sep 9 03:12:42 CDT 2008

Hi Pushan,
can you tell more about the experiment and the way of data collecting?
how did you measure your samples? which method did you use? what kind of
samples do you have?
the answer of your question is not stricted, but generaly I would say
that the noise level should be independent of the samples, did you
change something on the beamline or program between
samples/measurements? e.g. sample time, no. of repeats, you moved in
/out detector, amplification gain, etc....

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>Hello Everyone,
>I have a general question regarding noise level of XANES 
>spectrum. I have collected XANES data for an element which is 
>present in ppm level in my samples.
>Some samples are exhibiting varying degree of noise in XANES 
>Is the noise level of XANES spectrum would be proportional or 
>consistent with the concentration of the sample? As XANES 
>spectra for some of my samples with relatively higher 
>concentration of this element are exhibiting greater level of 
>noise than those with relatively lower concentrations.   Will 
>sample matrix play any role in the noise level? 
>Thanks and I appreciate your help.
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