[Ifeffit] chi(k) Athena bug?

Olivier olivier.jacquat at env.ethz.ch
Wed Sep 3 18:33:31 CDT 2008

Dear all,


I recently performed FEFF calculations to model chi(k) spectra. The
generated chi.dat files had chi(k) data starting at 1.4k.


When importing the data (chi.dat) in Athena (version 0.8.056) using IFEFFIT
1.2.11 (XP OS), Athena was not able to interpolate the data from 0 to xk (x
being the starting k value of the file, in my case 1.4). Thus Athena could
only read the data in but no changes were visible in the plot window when
changing parameters (e.g. k-weight, looking at the FT). The plot window just
“froze”. Yet the echo and Ifeffit buffer indicated that the changes had been
taken into account. I tried to uncheck the buffering and storing options in
the plot window without success.


In contrast, with the newest version of Artemis (i.e. 0.8.012, or previous
versions of Athena, e.g. 0.8.054), I was able to read and play with any chi


To look at the data in Athena 0.8.056 I simply added a 0-1.4k interval with
a 0.05k grid and set chi(k) to 0 in this interval.


Do you also experience this tiny Athena 0.8.056 (XP OS) bug?

Or is there a workaround?


Best regards,




Olivier Jacquat
Soil Chemistry group
Institut of Biogeochemistry and Pollutant Dynamics
ETH Zürich
Universitätstrasse 16, CHN F71
8092 Zürich-Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 633 60 28
Fax: +41 44 633 11 18
Email: olivier.jacquat at env.ethz.ch


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