[Ifeffit] Crytallites AND polycrystalline - Artemis handling?

Joseph Washington breaditor2 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 13:15:16 CDT 2008

Hello all,
I am working on analyzing Ge edge EXAFS data of an annealed sample which 
is likely to be Ge-Te crystallites with some amorphous material at the 
grain boundary (or perhaps, just Ge-N crystal material at the 
interface). I do not have any information about the grain size, only 
possible constituents for the grain and the boundary. Can anyone give me 
some examples of how Artemis might handle this?

Thanks in advance,

Joseph Washington
Research Assistant
Department of Physics
North Carolina State University
431 Riddick Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-8202
email: jswashin at ncsu.edu

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