[Ifeffit] [PGPLOT build problem] Upgrading to ifeffit-1.2.11b on Ubuntu from source

Mauro Rovezzi rovezzi at esrf.fr
Mon Nov 17 10:07:39 CST 2008

Carlo Segre wrote:
> Hi Mauro:
> I have now produced a package of ifeffit 1.2.11b.  It is in Debian 
> unstable and available for Ubuntu intrepid and jaunty in my repository
> deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu intrepid main contrib non-free


Thank you very much for the package.

Actually, I was able to build/install ifeffit 1.2.11b from source but 
not able to build than the Perl/Python wrappers and so no Horae&Friends 
from Bruce SVN.

Well, now I have "pgplot5", "ifeffit", "perl-ifeffit" and 
"python-ifeffit" from binaries and "libperlxray" "horae" and "demeter" 
built from source (Bruce SVN).

Everything seems fine but I still do not understand why ifeffit 1.2.11 
has all these "IFF str = *" output as stated also by Gareth in his 
"Ifeffit 1.2.11b terminal output" post. Is it normal?


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