[Ifeffit] problem on opening data file

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Tue Nov 11 07:23:44 CST 2008


I think this is the solution:


Apparently, the use of the X10C file type plugin became disabled on your computer.  Click on the button next to X10C and try again.  If that doesn't solve everything, post again.


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Hello All,

Recently I found that I could not open my EXAFS data files using Athena any 
more. Previously I had no problem using Athena to do data analysis (the 
last time was in last year). Now when I try to open a data file, a small 
window appears saying this file 'could not be read by ifeffit as a data 
file'. This happened to both the old data files that could be opened 
previously and new ones that were obtained recently. All the raw data were 
taken on beamline X10C at NSLS in the format of .xfs. I appreciate it if 
someone could help and give me some suggestions. I've attached one of my 
data files as an example.

Thank you so much,

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