[Ifeffit] problem on opening data file

Kelly, Shelly Shelly.Kelly at uop.com
Mon Nov 10 16:01:46 CST 2008

Hi Ruoshuang,

Go to the settings menu -> Plugin Registry and then check the X10C "read
files from NSLS beamline X10C" button.  And then try again.


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> Hello All,
> Recently I found that I could not open my EXAFS data files using
> any
> more. Previously I had no problem using Athena to do data analysis
> last time was in last year). Now when I try to open a data file, a
> window appears saying this file 'could not be read by ifeffit as a
> file'. This happened to both the old data files that could be opened
> previously and new ones that were obtained recently. All the raw data
> taken on beamline X10C at NSLS in the format of .xfs. I appreciate it
> someone could help and give me some suggestions. I've attached one of
> data files as an example.
> Thank you so much,
> Ruoshuang

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