[Ifeffit] Athena's application

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Nov 6 13:13:39 CST 2008


This is data from the Lytle database.   The first thing you'll need to
do is to add '#'  characters to the first column of the top several
lines of the data file (before the columns of real data start).  But
that's still not enough, as Athena expects data to be in columns of
energy -- this data is not recorded by energy but by steps of the
monochromator rotation stage.  You'll need to convert steps to degrees
and then to energy.  See


For more hints on how to handle this data file.


2008/11/6 abhijeet gaur <gaurabhijeet at yahoo.co.in>:
>>                I am doing my research work on EXAFS  . For
>> that I am using the software ATHENA for analyzing my data
>> which my guide had brought from SSRL ( USA ) . But there is
>> some problem in that , Athena is  taking the data and
>> plotting it  but is not giving the required parameters. I am
>> sending you the copy of that data . So if you can go through
>> it and suggest me what is the problem , I wil be very
>> thankfull .
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