[Ifeffit] iron L edges

Richard Mayes mayes at ion.chem.utk.edu
Thu May 15 11:04:40 CDT 2008


At first glance, check...

Spectroscopic studies of the reaction of water with metal oxide 
surfaces.     Kendelewicz, T.; Liu, P.; Brown, G. E., Jr.; Nelson, E. 
J.; McCarthy, M. I.; Chambers, S. A.       Mineralogical Magazine 
(1998),  62A(Pt. 2),  763-764.

It's supposed to have the Fe L-edge spectra.  I'm still looking for the 
paper to find out for sure.


Bruce Ravel wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have just spent a fruitless half hour with google scholar trying to
> find a paper that publishes Fe L2,3 edge spectra (not K -- I have
> those!) of the FeOOH species goethite and lepidocrocite.  Can anyone
> point me in the right direction?  Thanks a million!
> B

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