[Ifeffit] feff82 issue with perovskites

Francesco Giannici zenarcade at libero.it
Mon Mar 3 08:50:05 CST 2008

Hi all,

  when calculating paths around Ba (K-edge) in the cubic perovskite BaZrO3, the third path (Ba-Ba) is totally screwed up in the 2.6 - 3.8 ang^-1 range, with amplitude going up to 1000. You can find the input file at http://giannici.altervista.org/feff.inp

Actually, this is also the case of Gd:BaCeO3, substituting one Gd for one Ce, and calculating paths for the Gd K-edge: the Gd-Ba path shows the same issue. This applies to Feff8.2 on Debian, Fedora, and MacOSX 10.4.11. I found that playing around with FOLPs seems to help, but I´m not very confident with that, and I´d like to hear your opinion on what the cause could be. (Yeah, just throwing away all those low-k data would also be a solution).

On the other hand, Zr and In K-edge in Ba(In,Zr)O3 work just fine, as do Ce, Ba, Y and In K-edges in Ba(Y/In,Ce)O3. Also Gd K-edge in Gd2O3 works fine.

Cheers from Stuttgart,
Francesco Giannici
Dip. di Chimica Inorganica e Analitica
Università di Palermo / ISMN-CNR
giannici at pa.ismn.cnr.it

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