[Ifeffit] saving a window function in Athena/Artemis

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Thu Jan 3 07:54:37 CST 2008

On Thursday 03 January 2008 06:22:19 van der Veen Renske wrote:
> Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to save a specific window
> function together with the data in either Athena or Artemis?


Both programs already do that.

In Athena, the File menu has options for saving data in k, R, or q.
All of those files include a column with the window function.  Window
functions are not written out when saving marked groups to a single
file. It's all explained here:

In Artemis, look in the Fit menu for "Save data + this fit".  The
final column in that file is the window function.  Apparently, the
window column is not saved by any of the options in the File menu.
Fixing that is now on the to do list.


P.S. In response to Richard, computers behind the APS firewall have
been flaky all week.  This includes any of the APS web sites as well
as beamline web sites, the ifeffit wiki, xafs.org, my web site, and
(this one has been driving me crazy all week) the svn servers that
host the repositories for all my software.  Things have been worse in
the mornings (morning in Chicago, that is) and slightly better in the

I saw email about firewall upgrade at APS last weekend.  My guess is
that they still are workingon the problem.

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