[Ifeffit] saving a window function in Athena/Artemis

Richard Mayes mayes at ion.chem.utk.edu
Thu Jan 3 07:26:31 CST 2008


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As an aside, this morning I had trouble accessing the IFEFFIT webpages
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the link again.  This seemed to work for me.


> Hi!
> Could anyone tell me whether it is possible to save a specific window
> function together with the data in either Athena or Artemis?
> Another general question: how can I easily search for specific key words
> in the archive folders of the mailing list (without going through them
> individually)?
> Thanks & happy new year to you all!
> Renske
> Renske M. van der Veen
> PhD student Chergui Group EPFL
> Paul Scherrer Institut
> Swiss Light Source WSLA/210
> 5232 Villigen PSI
> Switzerland
> Phone: +41 56 310 5362
> Fax: +41 56 310 3171
> E-mail: renske.vanderveen at psi.ch
> Web: http://lsu.epfl.ch
> http://femto.web.psi.ch
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