[Ifeffit] Proposal for a U.S. XAFS conference

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Thu Apr 17 13:23:27 CDT 2008

Hello All:

Next year is the IXS meeting but for two years after that , there will be 
no conference dedicated to XAS for another 3 years.  I have been looking 
into establishing a topical meeting (with the focus changing from year to 
year) in the United States in years that IXS is not being held.  The first 
one of these would be 2010.

My proposal is to associate the meeting with the Denver X-ray Conference 
(DXC) which is held in Colorado in early August.  The advantages of 
association with this conference is that the people who organize the DXC 
are able and willing to take care of all the logistics (conference fees, 
rooms, hotel, etc.) and there would only be a need to have a scientific 
organizing group.  In fact, the DXC has been host to several satellite 
meetings: lst year the fiber diffraction community held a session and this 
year, there is a parallel conference on stress analysis.  Since XAS is an 
x-ray technique, I think that it would be a good fit.

I have discussed this with the DXC organizers and they have indicated a 
willingness to be involved.

The advantages of running such a conference is that there would be an XAS 
outlet for students to be involved with that would not be too expensive to 
attend in the years of no IXS.

I am intending this message primarily for list members in the US 
(apologies to everyone else!) and I would appreciate any comments you 
might have about this idea before I begin to set it in motion.  If Matt is 
OK with the conversation continuing on the list we can keep the replies 
public but if he prefers not to clog the list, please contact me directly.


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