[Ifeffit] new Debian/Ubuntu packages

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Sun Sep 23 10:42:49 CDT 2007

Hello All:

I apologize in advance for the length of this message.  if you just want 
to download the packages the magic lines are at the bottom of this 
message, so you can just skip down there.

I just posted new packages of ifeffit (1.2.10a), horae (066) and sixpack 
(0.61) in the debian-xray archives.  At this point, I am supporting the 
following distributions and architectures:

 	etch (stable)		i386, amd64, powerpc
 	lenny (testing)		i386, amd64, powerpc
 	edgy			i386, amd64, powerpc
 	feisty			i386, amd64, powerpc
 	gutsy			i386, amd64

The newest version of ifeffit (1.2.10a) required a new version of pgplot5, 
with a specific bug fix.  This is also in the archive for the above 
architectures and distributions.  A couple of notes about the specific 

Debian - If you are running etch/stable, my archive is the way to get 
these new versions.  For the lenny/testing, you can simply wait until the 
packages migrate from sid/unstable but I have provided them in my archive 
if you want them sooner.  When the migration happens, these packages will 
be replaced by the official Debian ones.  The reason I am doing this is 
that there are sometimes long delays in the unstable ---> testing 
migration for ifeffit since it requires the non-free pgplot5 to be built. 
It is not always present on the Debian build machines (I am trying to make 
this happen, honest!).  Of course, the sid/unstable packages (if you are 
brave enough to run the bleeding edge Debian system ;-) are in the Debian 
archives and should come in automagically.

Ubuntu - The versions for edgy and feisty are backports.  For gutsy, the 
release being currently prepared, I have built all the packages because 
the Ubuntu versions seem to be slightly behind those I put in Debian. 
Again, once the official Ubuntu versions become available they should 
replace my versions.

Anyway, while I have tested the packages, please don't hesitate to email 
me aobut your problems.

Now for the _real_ information.  If you want to use these packages, you 
need to add my repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list or add them 
through the synaptic package manager if you manage your system in this, 
more graphical, way.

---- Debian (choose your distribution)
deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu etch main contrib non-free
deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu lenny main contrib non-free

---- Ubuntu (choose your distribution)
deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu edgy main contrib non-free
deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu feisty main contrib non-free
deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu gutsy main contrib non-free

Note that when you upgrade your Ubuntu system, say from edgy to feisty, 
these sources will not be automatically updated as the Ubuntu lines will. 
You will have to change them manually.



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