[Ifeffit] Athena merging question...

Zajac, Dariusz dariusz.zajac at desy.de
Tue Sep 18 03:34:36 CDT 2007

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>Also, I notice that Athena sends a lot of commands that look like
>set vpkr.energy = vpkr.energy+0
>set yybe.merge = qinterp(yybe.energy+0, yybe.xmu, vpkr.energy)
>to IFEFFIT when merging files.
>What does the +0 do at the end of the array?  I've been 
>looking through the IFEFFIT documentation, but can't seem to 
>find anything that clarifies that command. Also, if I try and 
>issue the command at the IFEFFIT command line I get an error 
>that reads "** cannot set scalar value to array **".  So why 
>can Athena issue the command and I can't?
I suppose that +0 means that you have no shift of the energy between
spectra, do you do the align before merging? 
and I suggest to merge in unnormalized spectra, sometimes I have
"blocked" windows with pre- and post-edge parameters...

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