[Ifeffit] negative amplitude

Wojciech Starosta w.star at ichtj.waw.pl
Fri Nov 30 07:13:39 CST 2007

     Sorry if it is FAQ. But I spent some time on fitting without
success and have not found answer to this.

  Does anybody could explain me if negative value of amplitude has any
sense. I can get beautiful plot after fit, but unfortunately the message
appear concerning  negative value of amplitude (amplitudes). How to
avoid it. Any written material will be very helpful.
   I know that I can define amplitude as squared value of new variable.
But sometimes it does not work. Ifeffit stops with message that value of
this variable cannot be determined

   With the best regards

Wojtek Starosta
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
03-195 Warsaw, Dorodna 16
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology


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