[Ifeffit] Build intrinsic defect vacancy structure with doping atom.

沛昌 蔡 pctsai2006 at yahoo.com.tw
Tue Nov 13 01:17:26 CST 2007

Dear Prof. ;
    Thanks for your great informations about build doping atoms, 
  and now we consider the real intrinsic defect structure for LiNbO3
  single crystal, as people know about Nb vacancy (means there
  is a hole on Nb atom site) can be exist in this crystal, and our
  question is; The input file is correct or not? 
  ps: because we had not see the relation example, maybe you 
  can remark the mistake on it and e-mail back.
  Thanks for your time and help!
  Pei-chang Tsai

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