[Ifeffit] query regarding ARTEMIS

Ravel, Bruce bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Nov 12 08:18:21 CST 2007

>  Currently I am learning the EXAFS fitting program ARTEMIS posted at
>  your website. I have some doubt regarding the tuning of the path
>  parameters for fitting.  For example, If I am using feff0001.dat and
>  feff0002.dat as two different paths in the fit and I want to tune
>  the parameters corresponding to the above paths, then what syntax I
>  have to use for the path parameters (e0, delR,sigma^2,N) in the
>  section "GUESS,DEF,SET" so that it distinguishes different
>  paths. Please explain to me with an example.  Bindu


This is a good sort of question to ask on the Ifeffit mailing list.


The advantage of using the mailing list is that you have access to
lots of experts and lots of opinions.  You'll find it to be a very
useful resource.

You question is answered in lots of different ways among things
available on the web.  If you have not yet looked over the tutorials
at xafs.org (http://xafs.org/Tutorials), you should do so.  You'll
find lots of very helpful information.  Shelly Kelly's analysis
tutorial might be just what you are looking for.

Scott Calvin's series of example explaining how to analyze ZnO using
Artemis is quite useful.  It is a tutorial in the form of Artemis
projects.  He uses the project journal space to explain what is going
on at each stage of the analysis.


You may find this talk by me helpful:


If, after reviewing all the material that available, you have specific
questions, please do not hesitate to ask on the mailing list.  I and
the others on the list will be happy to try to answer.


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